Background: JustPotters is an existing non-profit organization located in Vancouver, British Columbia that seeks to hire marginalized members of the community to make and sell beautiful handmade pottery. JustPotters, aware of the challenges facing the city, seeks to bring justice to the workplace by giving those struggling with addiction, physical and mental disabilities homelessness, and being new to Canada an opportunity to do fulfilling work.

Concept: For my Senior Project, I sought to create a brand that felt very personal and tactile, full of vibrancy and humanity. In order to do this, I utilized photographs of people together at the wheel to show community and bright colors to portray the vibrant life this organization brings to the neighborhood. Loose strokes of color mimic the fluidity of the art as well as the pottery glazes. Naturally textured paper gave true tactility to the final pieces.

Portfolio and Pottery Photography by Ashley Kickliter and JustPotters

Ceramics Studio Photography by Heidi Hunter, and other select photographers

Styling by Heidi Hunter