Design Manifesto

Concept: In one of our projects for my advanced typography class at Auburn, we were instructed to complete several steps without knowing what our final product would be to eliminate over-thinking. Though I normally love to have a purpose and concept before I set out to work on a project, it's quite satisfying to occasionally just think with your hands and work intuitively. Our process went as follows:

1. Create a paper collage—using any content, colors, shapes, and type we so desired—during one class period.

2. Use a photo copier to scan and obtain different crops and angles of the collage poster. Experiment with zooming in, moving the poster during the scan, turning the poster to get different views, etc.

3. Narrow down the scans to ones that seem to speak to your style/tendencies as a designer or even as a person. One final scan was chosen to be blown up and printed as a large poster.

4. Research and look at different design manifestos that have been written and come up with our own personal design manifesto. In my searching, I was inspired by Bruce Mau’s suggestion to “Begin anywhere.” I believe there is a distinct difference between critical thinking and over-thinking, and that is why I heed Mr. Mau’s advice to just start somewhere.

5. The final aspect of this project was to create an easy way to distribute your design manifesto. I created a simple brochure with a unique fold. It had no particular front or back or "right" way to open it. Instead, the viewer was encouraged by the words to "just start somewhere," to "take risks," and to "explore."


Work created while attending Auburn University.